Katana releasenotes

16 aug 2019


The feedmapping import module has been improved/fixed in the following ways:

  • A new version of the import is added: The Big Data Reconciler. This version of the import module is optimized and can handle more products in less time than before. This allows for faster import times for clients with up to 2 million products in their database. Please contact support to configure the "Big Data Reconciler" settings for you if necessary.
  • Products can now be added to multiple categories with the use of the CategoryTrail field.
  1. The '|' character (known as the piping symbol) can be used to assign products to multiple categories.
    1. For example: "Tables | Living room" assigns the product to the Category "Tables" and a separate category "Living room".
  2. The '>' character (known as the greater than symbol) can be used to add products to parent- and subcategories.
    1. For example: "Living room > Tables" assigns the product to the subcategory "Tables" which has a parent category "Living room".
  • The categorytrail values in the imported file will automatically replace the following character '›' into the greater than character '>'. This is done to prevent user mistakes because the characters look so much alike.
  • The import level Update does not allow the creation of new categories anymore.
  • Specification options can now be saved as custom texts, resulting in less import failures caused by invalid duplicate errors.
  • The Big Data Reconciler version of the import takes the deleted state of entities into consideration now, resulting in less import failures caused by invalid duplicate errors.
  • The feedmapping level "Full Leading" can now be used to remove existing image relations with products in Katana. This can be done by mapping the imageUrl field and leaving that column value empty in your import file.
  • Failed imports can now be restarted with a simple press of a button if there are no imports running or scheduled already for that specific import type/file. This prevents overwriting new data with old imports by accident.
  • The header names in the import files are now trimmed before importing their values.
    • For example: ' Price ' (with spaces before and after) is changed to 'Price'. This prevents mistakes whereby the price column is reset to its default value (zero), because no price column can be found in the import file.
  • Fixed a bug causing imports to fail when the imageUrl fields were mapped in the feedmapping template but had no value in the import file.
  • Fixed a bug that gave the wrong output for categorytrails in the product export module.

A bulk delete option, with a confirmation button, has been added on the following pages in the admin (actions dropdown): manufacturer, tags, specifications, product attributes, checkout attributes, specification location, package units, labels, gift cards, customers, customer role, vendors, newsletter subscriptions, discounts, shipments, PIM statuses, news items, news comments, content campaign and categories.

The text editor in the admin has been upgraded.

  • It's now possible to turn links into buttons with the style of your custom design.
  1. Create a link first (CTRL+K).
  2. Fill in the form and choose the class for the specific type of button you would like.
  3. Save and see the result in the chosen area (see google button in the example below).

  • In addition, it's now easy to add an image in the text editor and align it from a certain resolution left or right. This way you can give it 100% width or a combination of both. This can be used by choosing the preferred class in the same form when adding an image.

  • The upgraded text editor also enables you to paste text without copying over all the extra styling from the original location. To use this feature go to Edit and choose "Paste as text" to activate/deactivate this feature.

It's possible to turn the contact page form on and off now. Please contact support if this is needed.

The Gtin and Manufacturer Part Number tokens are now available in the message templates:

  • %Product.Gtin%
  • %Product.ManufacturerPartNumber%


A bug with the permission rule system, causing no results in the product list, has been fixed.

The admin main menu won't show links to inactive modules anymore.

Fixed a bug that prevented customers from applying for return requests if they had already requested one already for an identical product.

Fixed a bug in the admin where pressing the enter button didn't save the password in the customer edit page.


The ChannelEngine Feed Generator task is improved allowing it to create feeds more quickly for clients with 50K+ products.

The Mailchimp module has been updated. From now on the user's first and last name will also be forwarded in cases that there are no other names available.

The store id is added to the admin store list page.

De dashboard store selection list will only show the stores that the admin user should have access to (permission rules).

The mobile menu and the overall navigation of the admin has been improved. The alignment of the search function was not optimal and the bottom of the mobile menu was difficult to reach on some mobile devices.