Katana releasenotes

09 sep 2019


Feedmapper: You can now export feed mappings and import them on any other environment. Note: specifications and specification locations that don't exist yet will be created automatically on the environment you import the feed mapping.

Permission Rule: You can now set permission rules for manufacturers too.

PIM workflow: the products will now be automatically validated on their PIM status via an automatic task.

Export: You can now specify what specific language string you want to export in the export module.

Multi-store: Contact form subjects can now be limited to stores.


Multi-store: A small defect has been fixed regarding store specific settings in the General setting list, causing multi-store changes to not get saved correctly.

Discounts: We solved a display issue with products that had combinations and a discount based on category. This was only shown incorrectly on the product detail page of products in a discounted category.


Access Control List: The permission settings for Import/Export have been separated, allowing you to configure different controls for both.

Feedmapper: The feedmapping imports will now validate headers. This means that a missing header field that is mapped will throw a validation error if it's not present in the imported file.

Feedmapper: Added extra validation to the VatRate mapping in the feedmapper. If no tax category is found based on the value of VatRate in your imported file, the import will throw a validation error with the reason included.

PIM workflow: you can now configure how many images are needed to pass the workflow check through a setting.

Accessibility: Several accessibility improvements have been made for the front-end pages.