Katana releasenotes

21 okt 2019


New B2B feature: the ability to store customer specific prices in the pricebook module. If you are interested in this module, please contact our sales department.

New B2B feature: Products and Categories, in addition to store limitations, can now also be limited to specific countries.

Feedmapper: It's now possible to upload a new/updated template for a feed mapping. This can be used to add/remove columns to an existing mapping, without having to create and configure an entirely new mapping.


Category SEO: A bug for localized properties (category SEO text for specific languages) is now fixed.

Multistore: The "view on website" button in the admin works again for clients with multiple stores.

Permission Rules: A bug has been fixed allowing you to use comma separated values again to set rules for multiple id's.

Shoplocator: Fixed a bug where shoplocator filters didn't work if there weren't options attached to it.

Export module: The product export, for a specific language, will export the name property again for the default language (standard tab).


Specifications: While deleting a specification location, an extra check will be done to ensure no existing specification attributes are coupled to it.

Banners: Internal banner links that start with http or https won't open in a new browser tab anymore.

Rename: The store mappings tab (Product edit page, Category etc.) in the admin is renamed to "Limitations" to reflect that it contains both store and country limitations.


API Bug: The product find call to get the full product list data is now fixed.