Katana releasenotes

08 jan 2020


Store limitations: Multistore functionality has been added to additional pages allowing you to configure different settings for multiple stores:

  • Access Control List
  • Footer icons
  • Store email accounts
  • Customer attributes
  • Checkout required fields
  • Product tags
  • Specifications

B2B features:

  • The frontend will now show the minimum order value needed for a customer to complete his order.

  • Country limitations: As a supplement to the store limitations, it's now possible to limit products & categories to certain countries. This allows you to block certain products in countries that prohibit the sale of these products by law.

    Please contact your Project Manager for further information.

SendCloud feature:

'Pack & Go' is now ready for use. Pack & Go allows you to process orders one-by-one and automatically print packing slips and the belonging shipping labels. A step by step guide for Pack & Go can be found here.

Please contact your Project Manager for further information.

An option has been added to present a newsletter popup to your customers on the homepage. This can be done directly after entering the website or after X amount of views. You can find this in the Customer Settings under the tab "Newsletter settings".

Alerts: A new alert has been added to check for duplicate products with the same SKU+GTIN (EAN) combination.

Export: A new functionality has been added, allowing you to configure a default name for export filenames.


Fixed a bug that caused 404 errors for URL links with slashes. These will be redirected to URL's without trailing slashes from now on.

Fixed a bug that caused incorrect translation migrations when setting a default language in the admin.


Permission Rules:

Some changes have been made to the Permission Rule functionality. In short there is a "Default Deny Access Policy" in place to simplify the configuration setup from the start.

  1. All customer roles have no access to the different entities by default. This means that all customer roles have to get explicit access in the permission rules to allow them to see, edit/add or delete content in the admin for specific entities.
  2. The permission level none has become obsolete and has now been removed. The permission level "Delete" has the same functionality as the "Full" and will be removed in a future update as well.
  3. When adding access to an entity, you now have the posibility to grant users access to "All" entities of that type (eg. Product, Blogpost etc.) instead of having to choose a certain store/category/id.

  4. Solved bugs with the manufacturer entity.